The Law of the Tool: Why Some Struggle So Much with Their Content Marketing

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The Reason I Am So Lame at Fixing Things

My dad was carpenter. He could build anything.

Not only was he good at building things., but he was also good at fixing cars.

These things made my dad the ultimate handyman.

Well, I guess those types of things aren’t something that can be passed on from a parent to their kid, because the sad fact is I am am UNhandyman.

I am just not good at fixing things or building things.

But it’s not just that.

I don’t even like doing these things!

When something breaks around my house, I need to either hire someone or ask a friend to come help me fix something.

And whenever I watch these people fix things, I am always amazed at how effectively and efficiently they can get things done.


Do you know why they are so much better at fixing things than I am?

One of the reasons is, because they have different tools than I do.

And because they have different tools, then they can do more than I can.

But there’s another reason.

Even if they happen to use the same tool that I actually have, they are still more effective than I am.

Why? It’s because they know how to use the tool in a way I don’t.

They have more experience using it.

For these simple reasons, they’re able to accomplish more than I can and do those things much more effectively.


The Real Truth About Tools

I’ve been thinking about these things and I’ve come to realize a very important truth about tools.

The truth is this: A tool is only as effective as the person using it.

If the person understands the tool and has experience with it, then they can accomplish amazing things.

If the person doesn’t understand how the tool works best, or they don’t have any experience using it, then they can’t accomplish very much.

I call this “The Law of the Tool.”


The Law of the Tool: Why Some Struggle So Much with Content Marketing

Because of my inability to effectively use a drill I could declare to you, “Drills are horrible tools!

But would you believe me and think that drills were horrible tools? No!

You would know that the problem doesn’t lie in the tool I am using.

The problem lies in the person trying to use it! 

I think this is the reason that some businesses and companies struggle so much to see their content marketing produce any worthwhile results.

It’s not that anything is wrong with the tool itself.

The problem is with the person (or team) using it.

The problem is that they don’t really understand the tool and/or they don’t have enough experience with it.

So before you toss out this tool called “content marketing,” because you believe it’s worthless, I would encourage you to learn more about the real purpose for content marketing and the best mindset and methods for using it.

That might be all it takes for you to see completely different results compared to the ones you’ve been getting from it.


Speaking of understanding the real purpose and using the best techniques, I have come up a new way to think of content marketing that I believe can really help business to answer these questions:

  • Why isn’t content marketing working for my company?
  • What are we doing wrong with our content marketing?
  • What is content marketing really all about anyway?

This new way to think about content marketing is something I am calling “Question Directed Content Marketing”.

Question Directed Content Marketing

I’ve put together a free video 12 minute video that explains a new way of thinking about the basic core purpose for all of the content you create.

In this video, you’ll discover:

  • The common quest we all are on
  • How the internet has changed that quest
  • How this creates an unprecedented opportunity for businesses
  • A new mindset and paradigm that will help you to begin using content marketing in a more effective way.
  • The 4 powerful things that will happen when you use it in this way
  • The common mistakes most businesses make with their content marketing
  • And finally you’ll discover how to begin creating content that will allow you to stand out from your competitors

If you’d like to watch this video, then all you have to do is sign-up below.

You can be watching it in just minutes from now…



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