This Lead Generation Post 24 of Us Contributed to Already Shared 545 Times

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The Curatti Lead Generation Round Up

You might want to take a look at this post I was asked to be a part of over at Curatti.

It’s a post where 24 of us were asked to share our ideas about lead generation.

They asked us two simple things:

1) Frame what you feel is the most important question that can be asked around Lead Generation
2) Answer that question

In case you’re wondering, the question that I decided to answer was this:

How can we create a lead magnet that will attract our ideal prospects and stand out from our competitors’ lead magnets?.
(You can see my answer at the link below.)

The final post turned out to be really great, because you have 24 different peoples’ perspectives and you get to see some commonalities and some unique perspectives.

The post has already been shared 545 times across Twiitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Pinterest.

The Curatti Lead Generation Round Up

You can check it out here: The Curatti Lead Generation Roundup

Black Friday Sale: I Will Be Offering Solutions to Help You in 5 Different Areas

I will be having a Black Friday Sale and I will offer some of my products at a huge discount.

I will be offering products that help you in five different areas:

1. One product can help you learn how to overcome the 9 challenges that all successful businesses overcome

2. One product can help you learn how to use content to promote your business, products, or services in 2018 (FYI – Forrester research released in May 2017 said ad effectiveness is dying)

3..One product can help you to learn how to create content that stands out from your competitors

4. One product can help you learn how to decide what target group to create content for, what idea/topic will resonate with that group (so you know what topic to create content about), etc.

5. One product can help you to be less scattered in 2018 so you can figure out what opportunities to focus on, what important things we should focus on (in life and business), and how to find time to come up with solutions to the problems that we will face in the coming year.

Stay tuned!

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