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The Declaration of Independence: An Example of the Power of Words (aka Content)

picture of the Declaration of Independence

Words Have Changed the World Words are powerful. The power of words has saved lives and taken lives. The power of words has created opportunities and shut doors forever on people’s hopes and dreams. The power of words has attracted huge crowds and given leaders unbelievable influence and also stripped leaders of their once powerful […]

I Did All of These Things Right and It Still Didn’t Sell Like I Wanted It To

When I put out my first book “How to Survive and Prosper in a Recession,” I did a lot of things RIGHT: I interviewed 20 top business, sales, and marketing experts (You can see who I interviewed here.) I got really great testimonials about the book (You can see those here.) I even purchased a […]

The Underlying, Neglected Reason Why Some Content Marketing is So Powerful

jetblue content marketing

NOTE: I begin this post below by talking about government, but this post really isn’t about government at all. It’s about a content marketing lesson. And it’s not just about any old content marketing lesson. It’s a content marketing lesson that reveals the underlying, neglected reason behind why some content marketing is so powerful. (And it […]

How Authors Can See Consistent, Increased Sales Growth from One Book to the Next

How Authors Can See Consistent, Increased Sales Growth from One Book to the Next

Back in March of this year, I went to a writer’s conference. My FIRST writer’s conference.  I met a lot of great people and heard a lot of great information. But my biggest revelation came when I heard two unrelated things: 1. I heard a panel of authors sharing their ups and downs of being […]

Why You Can’t Solve Your Biggest Problems or Seize Your Greatest Opportunities

A Lesson from a Smart Russian Smuggler A man named David Hunt tells a story I want to share with you today. It’s a story that reveals the problem we all have with overcoming our problems or seizing the opportunities in our lives. Listen to Hunt’s story and then I’ll explain what I mean… “Soviet leader […]

Can Your Prospects “Hear” Your Content Over All the Commotion in Their Lives?

I came across a great story about Cecil B. DeMille, one of the great movie makers of the early years in Hollywood. And this story reveals a problem that all of us have. It’s the problem we have with communicating to our prospects in a way that they actually “hear” us. Listen to the story and then I’ll […]

You Cannot Be Creative or See Breakthroughs If You Have the New Average Attention Span

In an article called How to Build Billionaire Habits by Nick Papple I just came across a statistic that’s crazy. Listen for yourself… “According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the average attention span has dropped from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2013. That’s one second less than the attention span of a […]

Discovery Channel’s Surviving Exodus – Content Marketing for Movie Exodus: Gods and Kings

Content Marketing on Discovery Channel On Thursday, December 4th, my family and I were flipping through the channels and we came across a show on Discovery Channel called Surviving Exodus. We began watching the show and were quickly drawn in. It was hosted by Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul and it explained the plagues sent by God […]

Latest Content Marketing Sighting: Honda Uses Ok Go’s New Video “I Won’t Let You Down”

ok go i won't let go video content marketing example

I’ve loved many of the music group OK Go’s past videos (here and here), but their latest video for their song “I Won’t Let You Down” is mind blowing. Take a look for yourself… I Want One! I don’t know about you, but when I saw this video I thought, “I don’t know if this was […]

Content Marketing And Its Overlooked Ability To Influence Customer Experience

Content Marketing And Its Overlooked Ability To Influence Customer Experience

  I am an idea person. Insights come to me all of the time and they can come from surprising sources. But on this particular morning that I am about to tell you about, I didn’t expect to get an important insight into the power of content marketing. I was just expecting to eat breakfast. Let me […]

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