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The Oldest Content Marketing Examples You Probably Haven’t Seen (INFOGRAPHIC)

If you are looking for the oldest content marketing examples, then you’ve come to the right place. I have three examples of content marketing that you probably have never seen or heard of before. But first, you’ve got to hear this story… More Beyond In Valladolid, Spain, stands a monument called “Monumento a Colón” or “Columbus Monument.” […]

How Content Marketing Saved the $10 Bill

How Content Marketing Saved the $10 Bill

Do You Realize How Unique the $10 Bill Is? You’ve probably handled many $10 bills in your life. But I bet that you never realized just how unique the $10 bill actually is. Let me show you why it’s so unique: It is one of only two bills in circulation that features a non-president. (The other person is […]

Jesse James: The Legend That Content Marketing Created

If you’ve followed my writing for even a short period, you probably know that I am always on the search to find old and little-known content marketing examples. As I mentioned in a post I wrote for, called Did William Penn Use the Oldest Known Content Marketing to Establish Pennsylvania? I point out content marketing examples […]

Want Your Content to Be Unique? Focus on “How” More Than “What.”

“There are no original ideas. There are only original people.” – Barbara Grizzuti Harrison — “Originality is nothing but judicious imitation. The most original writers borrowed one from another.” – Voltaire Focus Your Originality on the “How” Many content marketers and content creators stress out about trying to come up with unique content that no […]

What’s New: “51 Content Marketing Hacks” Nominated and Testimonies from “21 Types of Content We Crave” Talk

Hi everyone, I just wanted to give you an update on some things that have been happening around here recently. Testimonials from my Recent “21 Types of Content We Crave” Talk to San Mateo B2B Bloggers Meetup Group On April 13th, I had the privilege to speak to a small group of B2B content marketers […]

7 Ways to Create Boring Content: Lessons from a Boring College Professor

In a Reader’s Digest issue from April 1981, a man named Louis De V. Day, Jr., told an interesting story in an article called Pennomena. The story was about the surprising and funny solution that a group of college students came up with in order to help them get through a boring professor’s lectures. And I […]

The Real Way to Get More “Shares” Has Nothing to Do with Titles, Techniques, or Technology

social media shares

“I’ve always wanted to be somebody, but I see now I should have been more specific.” – Lily Tomlin  Steve Rayson wrote something on that has really got me thinking about social media “shares.” His conclusion confirmed a lingering assumption I’ve had for a while. My assumption is: What if we have it all wrong? What if […]

Visual Proof in Content Marketing: Why You’ve Never Heard of the Real First Person to Fly

Gustave Whitehead first to fly

If I asked you this question: Who was the first person (or people) to ever fly? What would your answer be? You’d probably answer, “The Wright brothers!” And then you’d raise your hand, waiting for me to high-five you and congratulate you on your amazing grasp of historical events. That’s why you’d be surprised if […]

The ABC News Report That Was Secretly Content Marketing

Fit to Fat to Fit

There’s a new show that I’ve been surprised I really like. It’s called Fit to Fat to Fit. The premise of the show is that a trainer GAINS weight in order to then LOSE weight with a client. When the trainer takes on the lifestyle of the client, they don’t just gain weight. It changes his or her emotions and […]

A Content Marketing Lesson from CIA’s Playful Mention of the X-Files


I admit it. I was a big fan of the original X-Files TV show. I loved the mysterious story lines and how they had a lot of that old school “Twilight Zone” feel and subject matter. I also loved the way they had Agent Mulder and Agent Scully both represent opposite sides of the argument of […]

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