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In honor of 4th of July, for the next 48 hours I want to offer you a special deal – 50% off four of my products.
(NOTE: These special offers end at 8:00 pm PST on Wednesday, July 5th. | Some of these links will take you to other of my websites. |  All Sales Are Final – No Returns Allowed!)

Starbucks and Enchiladas

Some of the products are cheaper than a mocha and muffin from Starbucks (as low as $4.99 for a single product) and I also have a “Whole Enchilada” deal, which allows you to get all four products for an additional amount off the 50% deal.

You can heck out the offers below…


1st Product51 Content Marketing Hacks – The Ebook (PDF version only)

Nominated For’s 2016 “Small Business Book Awards,” my book 51 Content Marketing Hacks reveals how you can tap into the power of content marketing using methods that have been used in history, television, popular products, & more.

You will learn powerful shortcuts that will enable you to harness the power of content marketing from examples such as:

  • Nestle
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • NBC’s coverage of the Olympics
  • Green-Bean Casserole
  • Disney Co.
  • The band Ok Go
  • David Blaine
  • Star Wars
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Walt Disney
  • And many more

Al Ries, author of the classic, best-selling book Positioning: The Battle For Your Mind (with Jack Trout) said this about my book…

“Before writing a word for the web, read Scott Aughtmon’s new book. It will turbocharge your brain. Great book with great stories.”

Who This Can Help

This product would be helpful for content marketing beginners or established content marketers.

July 5th 50% OFFER

You can get my book until 8:00 pm on Wednesday for only $4.99. (It’s  regularly $9.99)

Click here to learn more about the book, the content marketing hacks you will learn, or to order it now.
(DON’T FORGET: Don’t forget about the special deal below where you can get all of these products for LESS THAN 50% off.)

2nd Product“21 Types Of Content We Crave”: Why Boring Isn’t Memorable And What You Must Do About It (Webinar Recording) 

If you want to get through to your audience, then you must expand what you offer on your “content menu.”

I will teach you how to do that by using what he calls “21 Types Of Content We Crave.” These are the types of content that I came up with in April 2012 for a blog post for that went on to be one of their most popular posts that year.

Once you understand the types of content that people crave and how to use them to create content, then you will be able to use them to spice up your blog posts and create content that people will happily consume.

When I shared a talk to a group of B2B content marketers on how to use these “21 Types of Content We Crave,” this is what they said…

“Scott is a fantastic speaker. His presentations grab your attention from the very start, then keep you on the edge of your seat for the entire duration. Scott had an audience of B2B content marketers hanging on his every word. Scott’s presentation sparked so many ideas that the subsequent Q&A with audience members ran long. Being a good sport, Scott stayed until every last question was answered.”

– Dennis Shiao, Director of Content Marketing, DNN

“Scott is an engaging speaker and storyteller who wowed our B2B content marketing Meetup. His “Content We Crave” presentation cleverly demonstrated the 21 content types in action, and we gained pragmatic tips and ideas through a fun and memorable experience.”

– Rich Schwerin, Digital Content Strategist, Silicon Valley

Who This Can Help

This product would also be helpful for content marketing beginners or established content marketers.

July 5th 50% OFFER

Click here to purchase the VIDEO recording of the webinar (the SAME info the marketers in the testimonials above heard) for $49.50 (regularly $99) for the next 48 hours OR the AUDIO recording of the webinar for $39.50 (regularly $79)  for the next 48 hours.

(DON’T FORGET: Don’t forget about the special deal below where you can get all of these products for LESS THAN 50% off.)

3rd Product“The 4 Steps to Successfully Implement Question Directed Content Marketing” (Webinar Recording)

There are many companies that still have no clue about content marketing. There are many others who have tried to use content marketing, but have seen little to no results or ROI.

This is a common problem for companies of all sizes that are trying implement content marketing.
And because of this problem, many of these companies are wondering if content marketing really works or not.

I want you to know that it does work and there are many companies that could attest to this fact.

But, just like with any tool, you have to know how to use a tool effectively in order to see the best results.

After thinking a lot about this, I have come up with a new way to think of content marketing that I believe can really help business to answer these questions:

  • Why isn’t content marketing working for my company?
  • What are we doing wrong with our content marketing?
  • What is content marketing really all about anyway?

This new way to think about content marketing is something I call it “Question Directed Content Marketing.”

I created and recorded a 55:32 minute webinar that reveals my 4 steps for using this method. Here’s what one of the attendees of this webinar said after she attended it…

“Scott Aughtmon’s webinar 4 Steps to Question Directed Content Marketing is an excellent guide to creating custom content that will resonate with your specific audience. He presents actionable ideas that you can readily use to move forward on your own content marketing plan. Highly recommended for any entrepreneur or professional looking for new ways to reach their target market.”

— Mary Ellen Landolfi
The Write Room, LLC

Who This Can Help

This product is NOT really for content marketing beginners. It more for established content marketers and/or business owners who are currently using content marketing and would like to see greater results.

July 5th 50% OFFER

Click here to purchase the recording of this webinar for $98.50 (regularly $197) for the next 48 hours.
(DON’T FORGET: Don’t forget about the special deal below where you can get all of these products for LESS THAN 50% off.)


4th Product: The 3 Keys to Increased Focus, Efficiency, and Creativity (Webinar Recording)

Time Management is Not the Real Issue

More time.

It’s the thing that we’re all chasing after, but I have become convinced that we’re chasing after the wrong thing.

Our problem is NOT with time management.
Our problem is with ATTENTION Management.

The toolsluxuries, and benefits of our modern lives that were supposed to add to our lives have ended up distracting us from the important things in life.

It’s not our time that we need to manage better. It’s our attention.

When we manage our attention better, THEN we’ll manage our time better.
And here’s the good news.

Trying to manage our time can seem overwhelming and complicatedBut managing our attention doesn’t have to be like that.

In fact, I’ve come across three simple things that will help any of us to become more focused, more effective, and more creative.

Here’s what one of the people who has implemented these “3 keys” said about how they impacted her life…

“Scott Aughtmon’s 3 keys are easy, yet effectual steps to help with time management professionally and personally. When I actively implement these keys, my life feels more organized, which in turn, helps me get more done in my day, making me (and my family) happier. I would recommend this to people who are looking for simple changes to help feel more accomplished.” 

– Stacy Goyhenetche

Who This Can Help

This product can help anyone who needs or wants to regain control of their time, their calendar, and their lives. This could be a business owner, an employee of any corporate company, or even a stay-at-home mom or dad.

July 5th 50% OFFER

Click here to purchase the VIDEO recording of this webinar for $28 (regularly $56) or the AUDIO recording of the same webinar for $18 (regularly $18).
(DON’T FORGET: Don’t forget about the special deal below where you can get all of these products for LESS THAN 50% off.)

“Whole Enchilada” Deal

I know there are some of you who are considering purchasing ALL four of these products, because they all look like they could be helpful for your business and/or personal life.

If that’s you, then I want to make it easy for you.


You can get all four of these products (51 Content Marketing Hacks, 21 Types of Content We Crave, 4 Steps to Successfully Implement Question-Directed Content Marketing, and 3 Keys to Increased Focus, Efficiency, and Creativity) – with the highest priced option for the products that have cheaper options all for only $140.99!

That’s $40 off of the marked down 50% price if you purchased them these products separately ($180.99).

And it’s $221 off the regular retail price! (If you bought all four of these products at retail price it would cost you $361.99.)


Since I don’t have these products and downloads all set up in one place, you will need to contact me and I’ll send you a PayPal request for you to pay me. Once I receive your payment, I’ll email you all of the download links.
(NOTE: This offer also ends at 8:00 pm on July, 5th.)

Here’s what to do:

  1. Click here to contact me.
  2. Tell me you’d like to purchase the “Whole Enchilada” deal.
  3. I’ll email you how to send me your $140.99 payment.
  4. You will then need to send me that by PayPal.
  5. Once I receive your payment, I’ll email you all of the download links.
  6. I’ll ask you to reply and confirm that you’ve received them.


Again, because I am offering these products for such a low price… All Sales Are Final – No Returns!

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