For Business Owners Paralyzed About The Economy

Is the economy getting better or worse? That seems to depend on who you ask and what day you ask it on!!

And even if it does continue to get better, what methods should you be using to help you succeed and prosper in the good or bad times to come?

I’m about to show you, right here, 3 things you can do to help your business survive and prosper in (or out of) a recession.  But first I want to ask you a question…

What will happen to your business during this time?

Do you know the 3 things that will happen to every business during a recession?

1. Some businesses will die during this time.
2. Some businesses will survive during this time.
3. Some businesses will prosper during this time.

There are some new businesses that were barely making it when the
economy was doing well. They were not prepared for a sudden
economic change and don’t have much experience.

The sudden downswing in the economy will be the final nail in
their coffin.


There are other businesses that have been around for a while–
maybe many years–but they don’t know the proven methods to help any business withstand a recession.

A lot of these businesses will also die during this time.

But there are other businesses that will have a completely different experience during this time.

They will survive through this (and any difficult time in the
economy) and some will even PROSPER!


What will determine why one business dies and one survives?
What will determine why one business survives and one

There is only ONE thing that will determine what happens to a business
during this time! What is it?

The choices they make.

A SIMPLE CHOICE to do one thing instead of another will be the
reason why some businesses survive during this time.

A SIMPLE CHOICE to do something that few other businesses are
doing–few even know to do
–will be the reason some will prosper during this time.

The problem for most is…
What are the RIGHT choices?
What are the WRONG choices?


Here Are The 3 Things You Can Do To Survive And Prosper

I’m about to tell you 3 things you can do to survive and prosper in any recession. These are things you can begin doing right now.  Are you ready?

The first thing you need to do is discover the common mistakes
that most business make during a recession.

One way you can learn these mistakes is through trial and error.
You can try something and see if it works. If it doesn’t you can try
something else.

This way takes time and it’s also very risky.

It’s risky, because in a recession environment small mistakes can sometimes have deadly consequences for businesses!

more effective way to discover the common mistakes is to
research and find out what the “experts” say are the common fatal
 that most businesses make during a recession. This way
you will know from the start what NOT to do!

I will tell you how you can learn the most common mistakes that
businesses make in a minute, but let’s first look at the second
thing you can do to survive and prosper in any recession.

The second thing you need to do is uncover some proven
methods that can help your business to not only survive, but
prosper during a recession.

You can learn this by researching and studying effective business methods. When you find one, you can try it and see if it works. If it does, then you can go back and research some more and find other methods.

The only problem with this is you have to know where to
research and whose information to trust.


more effective way to uncover proven methods that work is to
go to people who have experience and a proven track record. That way you will know that the information is not just theoretical garbage that’s never been tested!

I will tell you how you can have access to proven methods that
can help your business survive and prosper, but first let’s look
at the last thing you can do to survive and prosper in any

The third thing you need to do is find money-making opportunities that can help you and your business bring in extra money during a recession.

The way to find money-making opportunities is to investigate the
current trends and then determine what opportunities have the most potential to bring in money in the current and upcoming months. 
When you find money-making opportunities you can then test them to see if they work. If they do, you can implement them to the fullest.

But you need to be careful that you have correctly analyzed the current situations. Otherwise, you might end up losing money instead of making it.


more effective way to find money-making opportunities is to
begin your investigation with things that experienced, successful
people see as potential money-making opportunities. 
This way you will save you time investigating it and will give you the opportunity to
begin testing these opportunities faster.

You can learn about potential money-making opportunities, proven methods, and even the common mistakes most make during a recession in my 2 e-manuals called…

“How Your Business Can Survive And Prosper In A Recession”

Imagine what it would be like to sit down with 38 great minds in business and marketing and hear from them EXACTLY what to do and not to do!

Well, that’s basically what I’ve done for you.  (See testimonials here.)

My name is Scott Aughtmon. I’m a business strategist and a business recession solution expert.  How did I become a “business recession solution expert”?

I began this quest back in 2002 during the recession that came after 9/11. That’s when I put together the first e-manual. I recently updated that e-manual and put together the brand new second e-manual.

Over those 10 years, I’ve gathered and gleaned the top recession solution methods, from the top expertsI now know proven methods that can help almost any business survive and prosper in a recession.

And through these e-manuals, I want to share these methods with you.

The 38 Experts
In my e-manuals “How Your Business Can Survive And Prosper In A Recession” you will have a chance to  learn the methods from some of the top business, sales, and marketing minds.

They will show you easy steps you can take right now to help your business survive and prosper during these uncertain economic times!

Take a look at the top experts you will have the privilege of learning from.. click here to see all the experts.

Is that a great line-up or what? That list reads like a veritable “Who’s Who” of business and marketing experts!

Some of these men & women have made themselves and others millions of dollars with their powerful methods and concepts.

These men & women come from a variety of different fields, so you will have the benefit of learning from each of their different strengths. The combined knowledge of these 38 men and women is incredible. It will give you a huge advantage over your competition.

A “Recession-Resistant” Business?

If it’s possible for a business to become more “recession-resistant”, then what I’m about to tell you might just be your key to making this more of a reality for your business.

This will help anyone in any kind of business…

Whether you have a small business with a few employees or a larger business with many employees you can learn simple methods that you caninstantly apply that will help your business to survive and prosper during this time.


Some businesses will prosper greatly during this time.
Shouldn’t yours be one of them?

Your business could be one of the ones that survive and prosper
during this time when you obtain the powerful information that I
have for you.


What Are These E-books Worth?
Most of these experts sell their own products and books. Many
charge upwards of $40, $50, $100 or even $500 for their material.

But just for argument’s sake, let’s say you purchased a $10
book from each expert — that adds up to $380.

It could cost you hundreds – even thousands of dollars to
go to a seminar and hear these authors give you this powerful

But you will get these ebooks for much less.

The answer about the worth of these e-manuals can really only be answered by you.

What is just one, effective method – that could increase your sales or just stabilize your business – worth to you?

What would multiple, proven methods – that you could draw from at any time – be worth to you?

Purchase both volumes 1 & 2 today for one price of only $97

*Graphic representation. These are e-manuals (.PDF files).
You get instant access after purchase.  (See testimonials here.)

REMEMBER: You get BOTH e-manuals for just $97.

Check the guarantee (below) and
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My “10-Times Guarantee”
I know that during these hard times people can’t afford to waste money. That’s why I want this purchase of yours to be an investment

If, after purchasing these ebooks, you don’t believe that you can make at LEAST ten times the money you paid for these ebooks by applying these methods, then please contact me and I’d be glad to give you a refund.

You can take up to 60 days to read these e-manuals and apply what you discover. If, at that point, you still would like a refund for any reason, then please let me know.


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